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Crazy Chanukah Mixes and Mashes!

1. Challahback Girl 2011 - dj BC
2. O Chanukah Dubstep Remix - DJ Flack
3. House Of Klezmer - FAROFF
4. Nagila What - DJ Flack
5. I Want A Gucci Dreidel - ATOM
6. Dreidl-Bells - DJ Flack
7. Dreidel All The Way - Voicedude
8. Hanukkah In Dub - DJ Flack
9. Challahback Girl Original Instrumental (A Hava Nagila Remix) - dj BC

Ingredients: Frank Yankovic and His Yanks, Gwen Stefani, House Of Pain, Frank Zappa, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Pa Brapad, several iterations of The Dreidel Song, several iterations of Hava Nagila, South Park, a dash of Chingy, Three Weissmen, Craig and Co, Alan Sherman, Pudie Tadow, and two seconds of Black Eyed Peas.

Click here for the printable CD sleeve.

The entire album, and sleeve, as a RAR file.

Original Challahback Girl 4-song EP (2005)


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