Compiled by dj BC | Hosted by VJ Brewski | Cover by Yo Yo Yosef
1. Christmas Bop- Smash Up Derby (San Francisco, USA)
2. Christmas In The City - Martinn (Sas van Gent, The Netherlands)
3. You Should Be A Freaky Christmas, Baby - ATOM (NYC, USA)
4. Whoville: Won't Get Yuled Again - mojochronic (Berkeley, USA)
5. Xmasploitation (Santa's Baddass Revenge) - mojochronic (Berkeley, USA)
6. High Tides And Blocked Peace Pipes - Go Home Productions (Watford, UK)
7. The Nightclub Before Christmas - dj BC (Boston, USA)
8. Chemical Drummer Boy - Cheekyboy (Southend-on-Sea, England)
9. Pumping Up Christmas - DJ Schmolli (Vienna, Austria)
10. A Message To You Santa Claus - FAROFF (Brasilia, Brazil / Cambridge, MA, USA)
11. O Chanuka Dubstep Bassline Remix - DJ Flack (Boston, USA)
12. Scarey Xmas - DJNoNo (London, England)
13. Little Saint Grinch - Mr Fab and His Bag O' Toys (Hollywood, USA)
14. Polex Swing - Ace of Clubs (Virginia Beach, USA)
15. Sugar Plum Fairy Coda (dj BC recoda) - dj BC (Boston, USA)
16. It's The Little Things - Voicedude (Anaheim, USA)
17. Blitzkreig Santa - Divide and Kreate (Stockholm, Sweden)
18. Nude Christmas - Solcofn (Washington, DC, USA)
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Ghosts of Santastic Past: Santastic (2005) / Santastic II (2006) / Santastic III (2007) / dj BC's Re:Composition Christmas (2006)

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